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Creating Happy and Healthy Relationships
By Leslie Becker-Phelps, Ph.D.


Is Social Media Good or Bad for You?

Kristen had a falling out with friends, and now it hurts to see them on Facebook having fun without her. She keeps checking to see what they are up to, though she knows it upsets her. Rick was feeling sad and alone, so he would…



Is Your Relationship Healthy? 8 Signs to Look For

Just as it’s a good idea to schedule routine checkups to assess the health of your body and catch any problems before they become serious, you can also benefit from regularly checking the health of your relationship. You might find …



How Your Relationship Goals Could Affect Your Relationship

You’ve decided to make a change – maybe it’s taking off a few inches from your waistline, engaging more enthusiastically in the life you have, setting out on some new adventure in pursuing your interests, or some other long dreamed…



When Is It Time to End a Friendship?

You and your friend have enjoyed some great times together, but there’s growing distance in your friendship, maybe even tension.  Sometimes it feels like the relationship may be more hassle than it’s worth…




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