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Creating Happy and Healthy Relationships
By Leslie Becker-Phelps, Ph.D.


Are Some Secrets Okay to Keep?

Creating Happy and Healthy RelationshipsIs keeping secrets from your partner always a bad thing? Aren’t there some things that are better not told to your partner?

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Would Your Rather Be Right or Happy?

Creating Happy and Healthy RelationshipsEver notice how you tense up when someone disagrees with you? It feels almost like an insult, like they’re dismissing

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How Mindfulness Can Improve Your Relationship

Creating Happy and Healthy RelationshipsMindfulness is a hot topic – and with good reason. It’s been shown to reduce anxiety and depression, improve stress

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Loud Arguments: Okay or a Sign of Trouble?

Creating Happy and Healthy RelationshipsDoes the house shake when you and your partner argue? If so, you may wonder whether this is a problem,

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Do You Expect Your Partner to Read Your Mind?

Creating Happy and Healthy RelationshipsJust as you’d pull back from a flame when you’re burned, you likely withdraw from your relationship when you partner

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Are Movies Affecting Your Love Life?

Creating Happy and Healthy RelationshipsI think most of us probably would guess (and research backs us up) that TV shows and movies affect people’s

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When You’ve Lost Desire

Creating Happy and Healthy RelationshipsFeeling “meh” about sex? If you’re a woman and your answer is yes, you’re certainly not alone. Loss of interest is the

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How to Deal with Jealousy

Creating Happy and Healthy RelationshipsEven when you are with the most trustworthy partner, jealousy can take over your mind and soul. You might find

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Relationship Killers

Creating Happy and Healthy RelationshipsPeople usually begin romantic relationships with great hopes. They don’t expect that their love will end. But, unfortunately,

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Ready to Date Again? How to Tell

Creating Happy and Healthy RelationshipsWhen your long-term relationship ends, you may go through a mourning period – the thought of being with

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