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Creating Happy and Healthy Relationships
By Leslie Becker-Phelps, Ph.D.


How to Deal With an Adult Bully

Creating Happy and Healthy RelationshipsBullying doesn’t just happen in the schoolyard. Bullies exist in families, at work, and out there in the world at large.

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Self-Critical? How It Harms Relationships

Creating Happy and Healthy RelationshipsBeing aware of your faults is a good thing. But if you find that you constantly review and examine the mistakes you’ve made

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Is There a ‘Right’ Way to Date?

Creating Happy and Healthy RelationshipsFinding love may be your dream, but dating can feel like a nightmare — especially if you’ve been single for a long time.

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5 Tips for Solving Relationship Problems

Creating Happy and Healthy RelationshipsIn my experience as a therapist, I’ve noticed that many relationship problems – whether between partners, family

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Have You Outgrown Your Partner?

Creating Happy and Healthy RelationshipsYou’ve been part of “we” for a long time… perhaps too long. Though you don’t like to acknowledge it (even to yourself),

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Stormy Relationship? Your Thinking May Be to Blame

Creating Happy and Healthy RelationshipsIf you are unhappy in your relationships, the problem may be more in your way of thinking than in others’ behaviors.

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How to Stop Playing the ‘Blame Game’

Creating Happy and Healthy RelationshipsEveryone makes mistakes – that’s a given. So, partners in long-term relationships will at some point upset each other.

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Sudden Break-Up? What to Do

Creating Happy and Healthy RelationshipsBreak-ups are usually painful, but when they come without warning – seemingly out of the blue – they can feel devastating.

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1 Easy Way to Revive Your Relationship

Creating Happy and Healthy RelationshipsHow often do you hug your partner? Many couples aren’t conscious of how frequently they hug (or don’t).

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How to Survive Your Family Reunion

Creating Happy and Healthy RelationshipsSummer is an ideal time for family barbecues and reunions. But for many families, tensions rumble just below the surface

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