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Creating Happy and Healthy Relationships
By Leslie Becker-Phelps, Ph.D.


How Much Privacy Is Good for a Relationship?

Creating Happy and Healthy RelationshipsIntimacy is an important part of a happy relationship, but so is a healthy respect for each other’s privacy.
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Opposites Attract. But Will It Last?

Creating Happy and Healthy RelationshipsThere is something exciting about being with someone who is your opposite. You may find that person to be
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6 Signs of ‘Victim’ Mentality

Creating Happy and Healthy RelationshipsLife isn’t fair. Everyone, at some point, has to deal with a painful or unpleasant situation that they did not deserve.
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Are You Just Afraid of Being Single?

Creating Happy and Healthy RelationshipsYou aren’t exactly happy in your relationship…but you stay. You remind yourself (frequently, perhaps), that your partner is a
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Is This Habit Harming Your Relationship?

Creating Happy and Healthy RelationshipsDespite what you might like to think, your mind is not well-equipped to multi-task – dividing your attention often results
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How to Lean on Friends Without Crushing Them

Creating Happy and Healthy RelationshipsWhen life brings challenges, we turn to our friends for support – that’s what friends are for, after all.
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Unexpected Break-Up? How to Cope

Creating Happy and Healthy RelationshipsBreaking up hurts – but even more so when the break-up wasn’t your idea. While there’s no way to avoid the pain,
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Need to Bring Up a Problem? Here’s How

Creating Happy and Healthy RelationshipsWhen you’re in a relationship with someone, you are bound to get upset with that person at least occasionally.
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Do You Give Too Much (and Take Too Little)?

Creating Happy and Healthy RelationshipsHealthy relationships require a lot of give and take. But some people are so worried about making their partner
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Introverted Partner? 5 Things to Know

Creating Happy and Healthy RelationshipsIf your partner is an introvert, you’ve probably noticed that their idea of a good time is a bit different than yours.
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