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Creating Happy and Healthy Relationships
By Leslie Becker-Phelps, Ph.D.



What a Hug Can Say to You

While hugs will never make it onto the list of “official” therapies, they can be powerfully healing … but only if they feel right. Hugs deliver a message, and they only feel good if you’re open to receiving that message.

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The Best Way to Ask Someone to Change

Is someone in your life doing the same upsetting thing to you over and over again? You have talked to them about it multiple times – you’ve asked, demanded, even nagged for a change – but the behavior just continues. So what do you?

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When You’ve Been Wronged

You are seething… and for good reason. You were unfairly fired from your job. Your spouse ran off with someone else. Or maybe you were accused of something you didn’t do. Your anger is clearly eating you up inside…

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4 Ways to Improve Your Communication

Whether you realize it or not, you say a lot without even speaking a word. People often understand your intent and have a reaction to you before you speak, and certainly before you manage to get all of your words out.

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Will Losing Weight Really Improve Your Relationship?

Convinced that your relationship would improve if you lost weight? You could be right, but that’s certainly far from the whole story. Losing weight can have many different effects on your personal life.

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Why You Need to Have More Fun

You’ve probably heard that self-care is important – that you need to take time for yourself and do things that nurture your body and mind. Self-care activities often include things like…

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How to Keep Your Anger Under Control

Anger shows up at some point in all close relationships. You may feel it at a mild intensity, such as getting annoyed with your spouse for leaving the cabinets open in the kitchen. Or, you might feel it more intensely…

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When Your Grown Child Won’t Move Out

Your grown child is living at home with no concrete plans for their life – and your patience is wearing thin. You encourage, cajole, and even threaten in attempts to help them get their act together…

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5 Ways Animals Can Improve Your Life

As any animal lover will tell you, having a pet can change your life. Our pets (and other animals) not only give us company and comfort (and in some cases, physical assistance), but they also provide…

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4 Signs You’re in an Unhealthy Relationships

When you’re in a bumpy relationship, at a certain point you become so used to the bumps that it can be hard to spot signs that the relationship has become unhealthy, or even toxic.




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