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Dr. Becker-Phelps is a prolific writer. In addition to her books, she writes blogs for WebMD and Psychology Today. Over the years she has written a monthly Emotional Health column for the Recorder Community Newspapers network and articles for various newspapers and magazines, such as the Star-Ledger and WebMD the Magazine. She has also edited material for WebMD the Magazine. The Magazine and is a staff editor for the NJ Psychological Association E-Newsletter.

Dr. Becker-Phelps has been interviewed and quoted in many print magazines and newspapers , as well as online magazines. She has also been the featured guest on a number of radio shows, including those that are affiliates of CBS and NPR.




Select print articles that Dr. Becker-Phelps has written or that quote her:

Experience Life: What’s the Rush (November 2017)

WebMD Magazine: Living Healthy: The Right Stuff (June 2015)

Complete Wellbeing: Stop Attacking Yourself (May 2015); also online

WebMD Magazine: WebMD On the Street: Principal Matters (September 2014)

Redbook: Date-night advice I’m definitely taking (June 2014)

WebMD Magazine: WebMD On the Street: On the Fly (June 2014)

La Tercera; tendencias: La hora del balance (December 28, 2013)

Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS): Looking for Sunshine in the Dark Winter Months (Winter 2013;Volume 19)

WebMD Magazine: WebMD On the Street: Earth Mother (October 2013)

WebMD Magazine: WebMD On the Street: Good Sport (September 2013)

La Tercera; tendencias: La autoestima ya no es la misma de antes (August 24, 2013)

WebMD Magazine: Love, Actually? Four Signs Your Relationship is Really Headed Toward
Happily Ever After (June 2013)

Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors (TAPS): Walking Will Invigorate
Body, Mind, and Spirit (Summer 2013;Volume 19)

O The Oprah Magazine: The Art of The Detour;
How to see possibility around every bend (June 2012)

WebMD Magazine: Love Lessons Get to the Heart of the Issue (September 2012)

WebMD Magazine: When in Doubt; Do you have a jealous streak that runs deep?
(October 2012)

Women’s Health: The Number 1 Way to Build a Better Relationship (November 2011)

Other columns and articles

Select online articles that quote Dr. Becker-Phelps: (January 2018) Common Emotional Eating Triggers and How to Manage Them (December 2017) On Dating Younger: When Does Her Age Become a Problem? (November 2017) What’s the Rush (January 2, 2017): Rewrite Your Story in 2017 (December 27, 2016): How to make a 2017 resolution you won’t give up on before February (September 9, 2016): Stop Attacking Yourself with Self-Criticism

Gurze-Salucore Eating Disorders Resource Catalogue (July 2016): Supporting yourself through eating disorder therapy

ABC Sociedad (March 2016): Como hacer para no cometer los mismos errores al elegir una nueva paraja

ABC Familia (March 2016): Solo se necesita un minuto para empezar a ser feliz, siempre que se lo ordenemos a nuestro cerebro

Greater Media Newspapers (January 18, 2016): Couples Share Secrets of Wedded Bliss

RWJ University Hospital Eating Disorders Program blog (July 2015): Nurture Personal Growth (February 2015): Why Healthy Relationships Always Have Boundaries… (January 2015): Here’s Why Everyone (Even Happy People) Should Try Therapy

Pattaya Today (January 2015): Do You Understand Your Partner? (also in print magazine)

eHarmony (July 2014): What to Look for in a Partner if You Are the Anxious Type

Scientific American: Finding the Ideal Partner When You Feel Insecure 7 Ways to Tame Heart Disease Fears 6 Reasons You’re Gaining Weight Emotional Eating: What Helps 6 Reasons You Hate to Exercise

Science Careers from the Journal Science: When an Interview (Seemingly) Goes All Wrong

Science Careers from the Journal Science: How to Present Yourself During an Interview

Science Careers from the Journal Science: Scrutinizing Your Personality

Huffington Post: 8 Simple Ways to Tap Your Inner Child When You Regularly Feel Insecure in Your Relationship What to Look for in a Partner if You Are the Anxious Type

The Squeaky Wheel blog on Can You Fix Psychological Damage Sustained in Infancy?

The Daily Wildcat: Staying Motivated

Woman’ 10 Times You Have Absolutely No Reason to Get Jealous

Woman’ 9 Hidden Sources of Common Marriage Problems

US News & World Report: 3 Tips for Reinventing Your Career How Lying Affects Your Health (Asbury Park Press): Seven Tips to Improve Self-Esteem

Science- Career Magazine: Successful Careers: A Matter of Confidence 4 Ways to Keep RLS From Hurting Your Sex Life Why it’s important to be your own best friend

NJ Family Magazine: Is It Love? First crushes open up a new Set of parenting challenges The Psychology of Resolutions Weight lifting for better sleep The number 1 way to build a better relationship


Radio interviews:

Life Sherpa podcast
Conversation with Leslie Becker-Phelps about what we know and do in therapy

Blake and Eva
Maine’s Coast 93.1
The three relationship texts you should never send!

Relationships 2.0 with Dr. Michelle Skeen
KCAA AM-1050 radio (NBC affiliate) in souther CA
Topic Insecure in Love
Listen on: iTunes or Dr. Michelle Skeen’s website

WTOP radio station in Washington, D.C.; a CBS affiliate;
Topic: Oxytocin, “the cuddle drug”


Sound Medicine; Checkup: Is there a science to maintaining your new year
resolutions?, affiliated with Indiana University

A View from Venus on WTOP radio station, a CBS affiliate; Topic: Why can’t we
Americans stay married?


Life vs. Work on Topic: Stopping Self-Doubt

Voices in the Family program on WHYY Public Media, an NPR affiliate
Topic: Out of Nowhere