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Creating Happy and Healthy Relationships
By Leslie Becker-Phelps, Ph.D.


Are You Addicted to Love?

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If you struggle with intimate relationships, you might relate to a reader who recently asked me to address love addiction. This person reported a pattern of bouncing (perhaps ricocheting?), between intimate partners. Is this love addiction or some other issue?




Signs It’s Time to Seek Marriage Counseling

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By the time most couples attend their first counseling session, they are far down the road toward irreconcilable differences. There are many reasons they wait so long. They think the problems aren’t really that bad and they can work it out. They tell themselves that…




Managing the Stress of Caregiving

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Being a caregiver for family is, by definition, stressful. This is true whether you are helping elderly parents or a sick family member. Even though your efforts may be a labor of love, the stress can wear you down. So, it is extremely important that you take care of yourself.




How to Find Friends Who Help You Be a Better You

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It’s important to have friends who are a safe haven when life gets stormy. But truly supportive friendships offer more than just safety and comfort – they encourage you to grow and develop into the person you want to become, or to at least explore what that might be. They are what psychology calls a “secure base” for you.



Your Grief is a Reflection of Your Love

When you lose someone you love, the grief can be overwhelming. Though explanations alone can never be enough to soothe soul-searing grief, gaining a better understanding of it may help you through the initial period of acute grief.



Do You Lose Yourself in Relationships?

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You might think that truly loving someone means caring about them with all of your being – but you can’t really give all of your being to the relationship. For you to continue to love someone, there has to be a “you” to do that loving. So, for the relationship to last, you must…




When Your Heart Feels Empty

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Feeling a sense of emptiness in your heart can be soul-wrenching. It can bring episodes of intense aloneness, and then also a deep, yet dull, pain that pulls you down every day like an anchor. It’s important not to despair.




When You and Your Partner Deal With Problems Differently

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You’re frustrated with the way your partner deals with relationship issues. Maybe they ignore problems (which just makes things worse). Or maybe they consistently bring up issues that you are sure would be better left ignored. Whatever their approach, it’s the opposite of yours…




How to Make Peace with Your Inner Critic

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Though many of us jokingly put ourselves down (and many comedians have a made a career of it), being self-critical is no laughing matter. When people are highly self-critical, they often invite other critical people into their life; or at the very least, they do not turn them away.




5 Signs They Won’t Commit

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There comes a point in your relationship when you want a commitment. Hopefully, you and your partner reach that point at the same time. But if you get there first, how can you know whether your partner simply needs more time or whether they’ll never commit?









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