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Creating Happy and Healthy Relationships
By Leslie Becker-Phelps, Ph.D.


When You’re in an Affair

Couple hugging, partner in affair

You are in an affair. Maybe you tell yourself that you didn’t mean for it to happen; regardless, you’re now in a messy situation with no clear path forward. While you don’t want to hurt your spouse, you also can’t…




The Good News About Getting Older

Getting older can be scary. But what many people fail to realize is that it also often brings greater happiness and general satisfaction…




Let Them See the Real You

When someone catches your eye, you might try to get their attention by playing up your physical attributes or turning on the charm. A coy glance. A hand through your hair. An enticing smile. If they respond with interest…



6 Situations Where Therapy Can Be Helpful

Have you ever wondered whether psychotherapy might help you? Though most people are aware of what therapy is in a general sense, many people aren’t sure what kind of problems therapy addresses and how…



7 Signs of an Abusive Relationship

Abusive relationships aren’t defined only by physical violence. Abuse comes in many forms – emotional, psychological, sexual. And, though you might think it would be clear when someone is being abusive…



How to Connect With Strangers

As much as you might want to connect more with other people, the thought of striking up conversation with a stranger can be daunting – enough that you may prefer to remain safely in the confines of your shell. But there are ways that…



How to Avoid This Common Parenting Pitfall

We do everything in our power to raise our children to be good people and to have a happy life. But in our efforts to lead them toward what we think is “best” for them, it’s easy to slip into a common parenting pitfall…


How to Choose a Therapist

You know it’s time to seek therapy — your struggles have become too much for you to cope with on your own (or with the support of family and friends) — but you’re not sure how to go about finding the help you need.




How to Stop Intense Emotions from Overtaking You

Being emotionally overwhelmed is similar to getting stuck in quicksand. If you accidentally walk into quicksand, you begin to sink. Your initial fear might give way to panic as you frantically try to climb out – but that would only…




How to Use Good Memories to Feel Better

Relationships can be a great comfort when you’re going through emotional pain. While just having those connections can feel supportive, the relationships in your life hold even greater healing power when you consciously reflect on them.






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