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Creating Happy and Healthy Relationships
By Leslie Becker-Phelps, Ph.D.



When Compliments Make You Feel Uncomfortable

A compliment is a gift offered from the heart – but receiving that gift isn’t always easy. For many people, compliments trigger insecurities, making them feel a bit uneasy, or even outright uncomfortable…




How Relationships Can Affect Your Stress Levels

You know that healthy, supportive relationships bring joy and fulfillment to your life – but did you know they can also help lower your stress levels and stay healthy longer?




Being a Parent is a Lifelong Job

When we become parents, our lives are forever changed –  by our love for our children and also by the accompanying responsibilities of raising them. Just as we shape our children, our children shape us as well.



Can You Trust Your Gut?

“Trust your gut.” We hear this advice a lot, but is it wise? Your gut – or intuition – can be very helpful. It can alert you when something is “off”… But listening only to your gut, without considering facts, can get you into trouble.



Why You Need to Choose Your Friends Wisely

Our interactions with other people can have a strong influence on us – even the interactions that seem insignificant in the moment. Something as simple as a kind word from a stranger can prompt you to smile and feel a sense of warmth…



How Your Childhood May Be Affecting Your Relationship

People are often surprised to realize just how much their childhood relationships seem to be playing out in adulthood, especially in their marriages…



This Simple Shift in Thinking May Help You Make Healthy Changes

If you have ever tried to make healthier lifestyle choices, then you’ve probably learned that you resist change despite the best of intentions. This is true for goals such as losing weight, eating healthier, exercising regularly, or…



How to Stop Having Angry Outbursts

Like an unseen landmine, your anger can seem to explode out of nowhere. Someone says or does something and BAM, you lose it. While it may seem like it overtakes you in an instant, anger often grows…


6 Questions to Ask Before Sex

Despite how we see it portrayed in the media, sex is a very personal act – with both emotional and physical consequences. So, it’s extremely important that you approach it with the serious thought that it deserves. This includes…



Divorce: A Reason to Party?

We’ve come a long way since the word “divorce” was said in hushed tones, suggesting shame and failure. We’ve come so far, in fact, that now there seems to be an increasing trend of people throwing divorce parties.





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