For inquiries about psychotherapy, guided self-help
consultations, or speaking engagements, please feel
free to contact me by phone at 908-604-6363. While
you are welcome to email me at
with general questions, please do not share personal
information because e-mail is not a secure or confidential
means of communication. You can also learn more about
these services by using the menu on the right.

I am often not immediately available by telephone,
though I check voicemail frequently. I will make every
effort to retrn your call the same day, except on
weekends and holidays. If you are difficult to reach, please
inform me of some times when you will be available.

In order to respond promptly, I often make return calls from a personal cellular phone
or places of residence. I reserve the right to keep these private lines anonymous, so
if you would like a quick response to your message, it is imperative that you release your
blocking system. You can remove 'anonymous call reject' on most phones by pressing *87.
You can later reinstate it by pressing *77.

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